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        Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd
        Add228, Tianfeng Road, North Industrial Zone, Jimei District, Xiamen
        Phone: +86-18859211427(24 hours hot line)
        ATTN: Julie
        E-mail: sales@simplerpack.com 
        Skype: zhongyang1299

        ServiceNow, Your Position IsHome > Service

        Technical Support
        Free consultation service, help customers to make project feasibility analyses.
        Relevant machine information of the series are provided for customers' reference.
        The design, installation drawing and other necessary information are offered for your production according to customers ' real situation.
        The models, technical index, requirements and support, and reference price of all necessary raw materials are informed for customers ' production.
        How to solve the common machine malfunction are supplied for customers .
        The technicians can be sent to operate the machine for customers .
        After-sale Service
        The machines are tested and trial run in our factory before leaving and shipped out until the customers are satisfied with them.
        When the machines are tested, our technicians could train the customers’ technicians in theory and practice till they grasp the skills.
        When the machines are delivered to the customers, we can go to customer’s factory to help install, test the machines, and train again before the operator starts working.
        During the period of one-year waranty, if the machines were damaged by non-artificial reasons, we are responsible for repairing or changing parts.
        During the period of waranty, if there is something wrong with the machine, we are responsible to provide projects for solving problems at the soonest, and help customers to resume production as soon as possible.
        After the warranty, we only charge the cost of maintaining the machines within three years.
        Other after-sale terms can be agreed by buyer and seller in addition.

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