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        Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd
        Add228, Tianfeng Road, North Industrial Zone, Jimei District, Xiamen
        Phone: +86-18859211427(24 hours hot line)
        ATTN: Julie
        E-mail: sales@simplerpack.com 
        Skype: zhongyang1299

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        T68S High-end Packaging Machine for Multi-materials

        • We Promise:
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          3.One year for warranty
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        T68S Automatic Multi-materials Pillow Pouch Packaging Production Line

        It is used to pack kinds of rice grain, seeds grain and proportional weighing other irregular-shapped materials.

        1. The whole production line integrates with stamped automatic packaging machine, dedicated precise combined balance with 10 heads, supporting table-board, dedicated chain drive conveyor and final product conveyor.
        2. Servo film conveying system, accurate position, excellent performance, beautiful package effect.
        3. Impeccable automatic alaming protection funcation, reducing the wear and tear to the lowest.
        4. The machine can automatically perform the whole process like weighing, feeding, filling and bag-forming, date printing etc.
        5. With high precision and high speed, digital weighing sensor makes the precise measurement realized immediately.
        6. The balance can adjust fine the open-and-close speed of the hopper way, avoiding broking and stucking.
        7. The conveyor can load large volume, and lift high.

         Technical data
        Machine type: Automatic Granule Packing Machine Series
        Machine model: T68S
        Machine name: Automatic Multi-materials Pillow Pouch Packaging Production Line (with Combinational Weigher)
        Machine form: Lapel stamped automatic packaging machine
        Bag forming shape: Pillow bag, stand-up bag, gusset bag etc.
        Bag size: L: 100-325mm; W:100-220mm
        Filling range: 15~2000g
        Packing speed: 25-40 bags/min
        Control method: Touch screen control
        Air Supply: 0.4m3/min, 0.8MPa
        Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, three phase four wire
        Gross power: 5.6KW
        Thermal fuse power: 1.3KW
        Machine dimension : 4200*1800*3360mm(L*W*H)
        Machine weight: 1500KGS

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